Could naturopathy be the way to glowing, healthy skin?

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Her bottled algae and grapeseed formulae have spruced up the skincare routines of the likes of Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz. Naturopathic skin specialist Dr Nigma Talib lets us in on some of it
healthy skin
Dr Nigma Talib recalls a warm turmeric drink her grandmother would make for her sister and her as little girls when they got a cold or flu. “It was unbeknownst to her that the humble turmeric will become one of the most fashionable supplements in modern society.” Naturopathy is instinctively her draw.

Dr Talib’s first introduction to naturopathic medicine occurred in Vancouver. “I had ongoing digestive issues which conventional medicine tried to cover up with antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. My father consulted a naturopathic doctor.” The methodology followed was that of disclosing and treating the root cause of her issues. Her progress was astounding. “By the time I had to choose careers, it was already chosen for me.” She opened her first clinic in Vancouver and hosted a breakfast show discussing the latest in complementary medicine. The response was so overwhelmingly positive, she opened her clinics in London, New York and LA.