Aisha Khan’s Husband, Major Uqbah, Got Married In His Military Uniform And Pakistanis Are In LOVE

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Aisha Khan and Major Uqbah’s walima took place last night, and while it was a fabulous affair, the most wonderful aspect of the entire event was the dhula choosing to proudly wear his military uniform.

Major Uqbah was a vision and looked incredibly debonair and suave in his military suit as he posed for pictures at his walima
We rarely ever get to see a dhula from the miliary proudly wear his uniform at his shaadi, so this is legit something truly delightful!

Aisha Khan looked absolutely breathtaking in a beige and gold embellished gown, legit looking like the queen (that she is)

(Another one because my oh my he looks so handsome) AND ALSO LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE STRAIGHT OUTTA ‘PEARL HARBOR’