Fawad Khan Just Celebrated The Love Of His Life With The Most Grand Party Ever

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13 years. 13 wonderful, longing years of two people in holy matrimony. Fawad Khan showed his undying adoration for his soulmate, Sadaf Fawad Khan after throwing her the grandest, most luxurious star-studded surprise birthday party. It was literally raining gold, with a glittery interior and almost all of Tinseltown present to celebrate.

Fawad and his beautiful wife Sadaf arrived at the surprise birthday bash he held for her, with both looking HOT HOT HOT
The entrance was beautifully done up as the couple entered and posed for photos

The cake cutting ceremony was ADORABLE, as everyone sang a glorious ‘Happy Birthday’ and sweet Fawad giving his sweetheart an adoring peck on the cheek

13 years of marriage people, and still more in love than ever. Kuch seekho

We need to pause to give applaud to the incredible interior, good job Fawad, like seriously you got taste boy!