Kareena Kapoor Khan Photo Shoot Look

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Creating a look for one of the most glamorous and fashionable women in the world requires an extra special styling team and a VIP location. A global icon, Kareena Kapoor has graced the big screens of Bollywood for over a decade. She’s the face behind some of the biggest brands in the world and her every move is tracked by photographers and fans alike.

Every outfit Kareena wears becomes a trend and her make-up choices immediately turn into content for beauty bloggers, keen to re-create her looks on their YouTube channels.

For Kareena’s debut magazine cover for a British publication and her first photoshoot after giving birth to her son Taimur, Kareena chose Asiana Wedding Magazine and we were thrilled and honoured to treat her to one of our famous, signature celebrity makeovers. Our theme was to celebrate Kareena’s natural beauty contrasted against the most luxurious destination in the world: Dubai.

So the Asiana team flew out to meet the superstar in the UAE. Along with our fashion team we took a hand-picked selection of makeover experts starting with one of the UK’s leading Asian Bridal MUAs Lubna Rafiq. Renowned for her unique talents and creativity Lubna built her reputation doing bridal make-up around the world, then in 2005 launched the Lubna Rafiq Academy (LRA), one of the most respected and influential Make-up Training Academies in the UK.

Lubna is skilled in creating all kinds of hair and make-up looks but at the heart of each woman she works on, is her ability to bring out their individual personality, by creating a bespoke beauty look. For Kareena she was keen to ensure the beautiful filmstar looked like herself while at the same time, she made the new-mother look utterly radiant and glamorous.

Kareena has naturally clear and healthy skin. Lubna enhanced her fresh-faced features by applying a light coverage base which also complimented the outdoor location in a warm climate, where heavy make-up would be a big no-no. Rather than harsh contouring which can have an ageing effect, Lubna gave Kareena a warm glow, by blending highlighters and a sun-kissed blusher. The result is luminious, dewy skin. For the eyes Lubna applied a smudged brown smoky shadow and used a liner to define the natural almond shaped eyes that Kareena has. Lips are a luscious glossy coral for a sophisticated finish while soft natural waves gave Kareena’s hair its signature volume.

For the cover outfit we chose this trendsetting contemporary lengha from Monga’s in which Kareena looked simply divine. The flared skirt is embellished with Indian embroidery and threadwork in vibrant, tropical shades, creating an ultra-modern, fusion outfit that’s ideal for summer soirées. Delicate sequins and tiny crystals add hints of sparkle amongst the rich, raw silk fabric which embody the essence of Kareena’s chic and feminine style. With the skirt taking all the attention, the cropped blouse offered a contrast with its chic simplicity.

The perfect partywear outfit, it was a taste of what you can expect at Monga’s new flagship store in Southall which is set to stock the biggest range of Asian weddingwear in the UK.

Jewellery and accesories are the finishing touches that make an outfit memorable and for brides they have an even more significant presence as your jewellery will become a family heirloom. Dzyn Street are known for their stylish boutique which stocks both Indian and Pakistani bridal and partywear. Their new jewellery range consists of bridal sets that look equally as appealing worn with traditional bridal lenghas as they are as fashion statement pieces like this statement triple tiered mala with bold mirrored pendants, kundan, stonework and pearls. Striking and stylish it’s light enough to wear all day and so versatile it can be worn for all occasions. A matching hand-piece adds further elegance and transforms the overall outfit into one that could be worn for evening functions.

Kareena dazzled in her Asiana cover girl makeover; and was relaxed and confident in every shot. Embodying grace and glamour she is a role model and style icon for women all over the world.