Saba Qamar Had a Pretty Bold Photoshoot

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Saba Qamar is the one woman who will know how to challenge the norms that are based on no logic and culture that only let women down.

The Baaghi actress is the right kindof Baaghi that you’d to see if you need a push in your life to be yourself and let the talk leave behind. Saba Qamar started off her career with the drama serials of Pakistan. But recently she had her Bollywood debut in the movie Hindi Medium where she shared the screen with Irrfan Khan and the movie was a hit! Another of her project which got her more fame was when she played the role of Qandeel Baloch and she was being accused of the choosing the project. But never did she ever step back.

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So, she’s back again with the bang to blow people’s mind!! This photoshoot of hers with definitely get you woahhhh!

The perfection!!

Saba never leaves a chance to shock people. So this time she almost made people faint! No? Don’t lie. This was indeed a jaw-drop photoshoot.