Most Bold TV Actresses In Pakistan

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Pakistani entertainment industry is on its way up, taking inspiration from abroad as well as coming up with ideas that appeal to the audience. From item songs to intimate scenes, there has been a huge change in our industry, which for some is progressive, for the others its embarrassing.

But the major change can be seen in the dressing sense of our Pakistani actresses where showing some skin is not considered as bold. And then there are those who don’t mind revealing their bodies to the public. They are criticized and trolled, but they always brush off the dust and wear whatever they want.

Here we have compiled the list of TV actresses who are considered too bold in Pakistan.

Scroll down and find out!

Iqra Aziz

Saba Qamar

This Baaghi star is famous for being too vocal and opinionated. She doesn’t give a damn about ‘log kya kahenge’ when it comes to her personal life and dressing.

Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro’s fashion sense has arguably taken some time but her transformation from flab to fab will definitely boggle your mind.