People Cannot Believe Iqra Aziz’s Surprising Transformation

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Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz, best known these days as Jia on recently finished and highly acclaimed drama ‘Suno Chanda’ is toplining the spotlight these days.

Iqra and co-star Farhan Saeed are all really anyone can talk about these days, after their fiery chemistry on the show

Iqra Aziz has struck gold with overnight fame – yes she was a well-known face within the drama realm, but it was ‘Suno Chanda’ that catapulted her onto a whole new level

Twitter user @xxohsocoldxx posted a picture of the Pakistani actress in her younger years and compared it with a more recent photo

The user is implying that Iqra has not had a natural transformation and that the actress has instead used her wealth (hence, the insinuation that she isn’t ‘poor’) to alter herself.