This is Dia Mirza secret to healthy, flawless skin

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She’s got skin that needs #NoFilter. What is the secret to Dia Mirza’s clear porcelain skin? The brand ambassador for skincare brand Suncros shares what makes her beautiful inside out:

Your beauty philosophy
Beauty is what beauty does. It comes with awareness and action. I think for most Indian women, one of the key things that we tend to neglect is the importance of caring for our bodies and the state of our mind. Meditation makes a big difference and helps you deal with life situations better. No matter how difficult times can get, you can go through them with a lot more ease in a calmer state of mind. I think a lot of how we look has to do with how we feel. It gives us self worth and determines our action on a daily basis.

The one thing that makes you feel beautiful
A balanced state of mind with happy thoughts and positivity.

Your one instant pick-me-up
Glow! Any kind of cream that can highlight your cheekbone. It can make you look super glamorous even using the simplest of make-up.

Your signature beauty look for the red carpet
I try and keep in mind that if my garment is beautiful and attractive, I keep the make-up toned down. I don’t allow everything to shout; I let one aspect of dress-up speak more than everything else. I am a big believer in less is more.

The beauty products you can’t live without
For my skin, it would be sun protection, and my personal favourite is Suncros. Haircare would be hair oil and a make-up product I cannot live without would be a lip balm.

Your beauty regimen
For my skin, I follow the three basic steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising wherever I am. With hair, I don’t expose it to any kind of treatment and I also make sure I keep away from chemicals.

Your in-flight ritual to stay fresh
I keep myself very well hydrated by drinking lots of water. I don’t drink alcohol and make sure I regularly moisturise my face, hands and feet.

In your travel beauty kit
My sunscreen, mascara, cheek and lip balm and a hair brush.

Your diet
I eat a lot of raw food. I try and ensure I eat every two hours. My breakfast is usually a bowl of fruits, egg white and white oats, followed by fruits mid-morning. Lunch is ‘ghar ka khaana’: a big bowl of dal and sabzi. I don’t enjoy wheat, so I prefer unpolished rice and dinner is some heavy soup with grilled meat. In between, I eat seeds, dry fruits or fruits. I love sugar, so I just cannot resist chocolates. Hence a piece of chocolate every day is a must.

Your favourite fragrance
I don’t really have a favourite fragrance. Currently I am using Infinity and I really enjoy it.

Your beauty icons
I think it starts with home. As a girl you grow up admiring your own mother a lot. For me, my mom has always been very graceful and beautiful. Then of course there is Waheeda Rehman, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Maharani Gayatri Devi. There are enough incredibly talented beautiful women in this world to celebrate and look up to.

Your fitness
A combination of meditation and regular workout. Life needs to be balanced not just physically, but mentally as well.