Waited long and worked hard for everything I have: Kareena

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Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan has said that she waited long and worked hard for everything she now has.

During an interview with IANS, the actor said, “Everything I have in life, I have wanted it for a long time and I have worked very hard for it.”

She continued,  “If I am comfortable working in a certain way, then I do so with all my conviction. I have always followed what I believe in and it is my individuality which sets me apart.”

The actor further said, “I believe in what I do and I have always spoken my mind. I do my own thing. The fact that I was working throughout my pregnancy and that I continue to work even after having a child, should inspire a lot more women to find that balance between their personal and professional lives. It’s all a part of the journey that has made me who I am and brought me where I am right now.”

Kareena also said that it is important for actors to set the right examples.

“As actors, we play a very important part in everyone’s life. We are considered role models and it is necessary on our part to set the right examples for people,” she said.

“I’m someone who has always lived from the heart. I did not want to do things because everyone else was doing them,” Kareena added.

“I’ve never taken my success or failure too seriously. If the movie is a success, then great. If it is not, that’s also fine. I love my job. I feel the idea of doing something what we love is more important than our success or failure, and for me, that’s acting,” the actor asserted.