Full Bloom in Winter | Zara Noor Abbas Makeup by Fatima Nasir

    Zara Noor Abbas
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    Winter is all about bringing out the darker shades, whether it is the clothes you wear, the color you want to paint your nails or even the lipstick and eyeshadows you choose to opt for. But for our December issue Beauty Shoot, we played around with the brighter shades and kept it pretty in the cold weather. The gorgeous Zara Noor Abbas was our beautiful canvas and the very talented hair and makeup artist, Fatima Nasir, worked her magic and played around with neutral to bright shades.

    The soft and subtle pink on the eyes and glossy lips look fresh and that highlighted fresh glow will give you a perfect winter day look.

    Wear this bright pink eyeshadow with soft satin pink on the lips and see everything with a rosy disposition. It’s sweet-edgy and totally 80s.

    Keep with retro with bright purple eyeshadow and throw some glitter on it for that extra dramatic and fun look while keeping the lips simple with a nude pink.

    Makeup & Hair: Fatima Nasir

    Styling: Mehek Saeed

    Model: Zara Noor Abbas

    Photographer: MHM